Light Stage - $500

A light stage is done when a house is empty or perhaps too petite to need full scale furniture. We also HIGHLY recommend that anyone employing the heavy stage should also utilize the light stage. Afterall, you don’t want a few rooms to look perfect and leave the rest of the house lacking.

The light stage sets the tone for the property and interjects some color into an empty house. It provides interested buyers with a reason to pause over a picture, causing them to become piqued with curiosity, and inevitably scheduling an appointment to see your listing.

Included in a Light Stage
  1. Font Photography Photo Session
  2. Communal Space Décor: An occasional chair, accent table, throw pillows, large scale art, and bric-brac
  3. Kitchen Décor: Art, Artificial plants, and bric-brac
  4. Bathroom Décor: Art, Artificial plants, towels, and bric-brac
  5. Use of the staging material until the home has appraised or the inspection has been performed. (Must give Font at least a 48 notice for pick-up or there will be an additional charge.)

Heavy Stage - $500 (Per Room with 3 Room Min.)

The heavy stage is designed to give the property a designer feel that will create amazing images but, will not completely furnish the home. We want to create an atmosphere that the buyers can get excited about. Our designers will use varying aesthetics and will specifically match the style of the décor to the architectural style of the property.

As the client, you get to choose the rooms in which the most style is infused. We suggest that you focus on 1st impressions, main spaces, or areas that may present the buyer with confusion.

As a finishing touch, we always recommend that the light stage package is purchased with the Heavy Stage. Afterall, you don’t want 3 rooms to look photo perfect and the other areas of the home to look unfinished.

Included in a Heavy Stage
  1. Font Photography Photo Session
  2. Agents Choice of a Minimum of 2 Rooms. Choice can include any of the following:
    • Entry Way: Large art piece, console table or bench, soft goods, area rug, lamp, and bric-brac
    • Living Room or Den: sofa, loveseat, or couch, pair of occasional chairs or bench, art, throw pillows, accent table, bric-brac, area rug (when needed), and bookcase dressing (when needed)
    • Dining or Breakfast Room: Table with 4 chairs or sideboard with 2 chairs, large scale art, bric-brac, and rug (as needed)
    • Master Bedroom: Headboard with queen size bed, bedding for queen size bed, soft goods, 2 end tables, bric-brac, 2 lamps, art, and throw pillows
    • Office: Desk, chair, lamp, art, rug (as needed)
  3. Use of the staging material until the home has appraised or the inspection has been performed. (Must give Font at least a 48 notice for pick-up or there will be an additional charge.)

Finishing Touch Service - $500

We could all use a professional opinion on how to dress our home for sale and professional photos. With Font Photography & Staging, a real estate professional and a real estate professional photographer will come into the property and use the furnishings and décor that already exist in combination with some large scale art, lamps, soft goods, and bric-brac, to create a cohesive and attractive space that will appeal to general buyers.

Included in the Finishing Touch Service
  1. Font Photography Photo Session
  2. Use of designers light staging goods which can include: large scale art, soft goods, small accent tables, lamps, and bric-brac
  3. Use of the designer’s goods until the home has appraised during the selling process

Consultation Service - $150 (Per Hour)

If your first thought after reading all of the options presented is, “I don’t know what to do”? Then, do not fret! Just schedule a consult. A real estate professional will come to the property and meet with the agent, client, or both to decide exactly what option works best for your property and budget. We can also advise on any small home improvements that might help your listing such as; paint, flooring, or minimal landscaping.

Truck Mileage Cost - $0.75 (Per Mile)

With our packages, “Light Stage” and “Heavy Stage” we have a per mile cost associated with delivery and pick-up. The mileage is calculated from Oklahoma State Capitol to the property roundtrip.

At Font Photography & Staging we know better than anyone that the buyers of today want to feel WOWED by a home from the first click. In a world that is consumed with HGTV and stunning Instagram images, every buyer, in every price point expects a beautiful home; Font Photography can help make that expectation on the part of the buyer, a reality for your seller. We have made it our mission to provide an all-inclusive visual experience for potential buyer while, still being mindful of budgets of our sellers and their real estate professionals.

Allow our cast of professional real estate photographers, designers, and experienced Realtors to help prepare your listing, by making the best impression possible.